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Belt And Tie Hanger
-34 %
Model: Belt And Tie Hanger
Product Description The Design Axis 14 Hook Hanger helps keep belts, ties, and more organized and easy to find! This metal closet organizer requires no assembly - simply put your favorite accessories on the hooks and hang over any closet rod. Made of durable steel with a chrome finish, this hange..
RS. 299 RS. 450
Ex Tax:RS. 299
Blade Brush Cutlery Cleaner Brush
-20 %
Model: Blade Brush Cleaner Brush
  Blade Brush Cutlery Cleaner Brush     Product Description   As Cleaning sharp knives and cutlery can be a hazardous task, but with this cleaner brush it's much safer. The unique wrap-around design allows you to clean both sides of a utensil at once, while keeping your fingers a..
RS. 295 RS. 370
Ex Tax:RS. 295
Cabinet Tissue Roll Holder
-23 %
Model: Tissue Roll Holder
  Cabinet Tissue Roll Holder   Product Description Kitchen roll holder can be fixed vertically, horizontally, and slides into the under shelf of a cabinet or cupboard, won't occupy additional space. Great for use in areas where counter space is limited such as kitchens, dorm rooms, garag..
RS. 440 RS. 570
Ex Tax:RS. 440
Dish Drying Mat
-32 %
Model: Drying Mat
  Dish Drying Mat   Product Description Our drying mat is highly absorbent and fast-drying, so it's just right for use beneath your dish drying rack or on its own to hold freshly washed glassware and dishes. It holds four times its weight in water. When it's not in use, it folds up for e..
RS. 440 RS. 650
Ex Tax:RS. 440
Desktop Paper Towel Holder
-32 %
Model: Paper Towel Holder
  Desktop Paper Towel Holder   Product Description Basics Stand-up Paper Towel Holder Easily access paper towels when you need them most with the Stand-up Paper Towel Holder. This handy counter-top holder provides a sturdy base for one roll of towels, allowing you to tear off sheets b..
RS. 440 RS. 650
Ex Tax:RS. 440
Model: Soap Dish Wall Mounted
  Double Layer Soap Dish Wall Mounted   Product Description Double Layer Soap Dish This Soap Dish is made of premium-quality plastic, is highly sturdy and durable. It offers hassle-free installation on the wall without a drill or screws, will be a superbly convenient addition to your bat..
RS. 690 RS. 720
Ex Tax:RS. 690
Drawer Basket with Dividers
-31 %
Model: Drawer Basket
  Drawer Basket with Dividers   Product Description Foldable Cloth Storage Box Closet Dresser Drawer Organizer Cube Basket Bins Containers Divider with Drawers for Underwear, Bras, Socks, Ties, Scarves set provides attractive, lightweight solution to many storages needs Great for arrangi..
RS. 290 RS. 420
Ex Tax:RS. 290
Drawer Divider 4 Strips Organizer
-36 %
Brand: Model: Drawer Divider 4 Strips
  Drawer Divider 4 Strips Adjustable Drawer Organizer   Product Description A perfect drawer divider to better organist your kitchen items, make up items, jewelry items and many more items at one place to easily find it when needed. Made up of good quality plastic. Comes with various att..
RS. 290 RS. 450
Ex Tax:RS. 290
Dual Side Kitchen Sponge Holder
-29 %
Model: Kitchen Sponge Holder
  Dual Side Kitchen Sponge Holder   Product Description handy, easy to using; keeps not only kitchen sponge, scrubbers, scouring pad or drain stopper also for bathroom shower/soap storage to keep them clean and space-saving. FEATURE: Small holes at the bottom, preventing moistu..
RS. 490 RS. 690
Ex Tax:RS. 490
Flex Tape leakage stopper
-37 %
Model: Leakage Stopper
  Flex Tape leakage stopper   Product Description About this item: FLEX TAPE is a super strong, rubberized, waterproof tape that can patch, bond, seal and repair virtually everything FLEX TAPE is specially formulated with a thick, flexible, rubberized backing that conforms to any s..
RS. 390 RS. 620
Ex Tax:RS. 390
Folding Storage Box for Clothes
-16 %
Model: Storage Box
Folding Storage Box for ClothesProduct Description·         Folding Storage Boxes with Zip for Clothes, Said Cover, Living Box Organizing Bag 55 Liter Capacity (Dotted Blue Color) ·         This multi-purpose organ..
RS. 1,140 RS. 1,350
Ex Tax:RS. 1,140
Full Length Anti Crack Heel Socks
-32 %
Model: Anti Crack Heel Socks
Full Length Anti Crack Heel SocksProduct Description ·     Orthopedic silicone heel protectors: protects heel bone from extreme pressure, fatigue and strain, prevents thickening of heel skin, keeps heel safe from blisters, chipped skin, corn and cracked feet. Provides hydration ..
RS. 440 RS. 650
Ex Tax:RS. 440
Kitchen Sink Soap And Sponge Organizer
-22 %
Model: Soap And Sponge Organizer
Kitchen Sink Soap And Sponge OrganizerProduct DescriptionMade with a very innovative design to store kitchen and bathroom accessories Holds all the daily needs for sink like dishwasher liquid, brush, soap, sponge etc. Makes your sink organized as it has never been with this highly innovativ..
RS. 640 RS. 820
Ex Tax:RS. 640
Tissue Roll Holder Self Adhesive
-24 %
Model: Tissue Roll Holder
Tissue Roll Holder Self AdhesiveProduct DescriptionComes In Random Colors ( Off-White Most Probably. Sizes = Length = 7.5 inches X Width = 4 inches. Just Stick The Holder To The Tiles Of The Bathroom And Hang Tissue Roll. Material = Full Plastic. Easy To Attach The Holder. A perfect ..
RS. 340 RS. 450
Ex Tax:RS. 340
Portable Water Purifier For Tap
-27 %
Model: Water Purifier
Portable Water Purifier For TapProduct DescriptionFilter and purify your water, give your family only the best and healthy water. This faucet water filter can generate great purified water instantly and help you make the best tasting coffee and tea. Switches between filtrated water and tap water fl..
RS. 690 RS. 950
Ex Tax:RS. 690
Shower Loofah Mesh Shower Ball
-42 %
Model: Mesh Shower Ball
Shower Loofah Mesh Shower BallProduct DescriptionBrand New and High quality. Soft feeling bath puff. Easily to create exfoliation. Simply put shower gel or soap on the puff. Can help relax yourself, enjoy the shower, remove hard skin. Simply apply shower gel or soap on the puff for ea..
RS. 190 RS. 330
Ex Tax:RS. 190
Sink Caddy Suction Cup Holder Sponges Soap Scrubbers
-37 %
Model: Cup Holder Sponges Soap
Sink Caddy Suction Cup Holder Sponges Soap ScrubbersProduct DescriptionThe sponge holder with suction is a convenient way to store and organize scrubbier, sponges, brushes, drain stoppers and more! Keep water off of the counter.About this item:Made of environmental friendly plastic, non toxic and..
RS. 340 RS. 540
Ex Tax:RS. 340
Sink Drain Sponge Holder Silicone
-42 %
Model: Sponge Holder Silicone
Sink Drain Sponge Holder SiliconeProduct DescriptionHanging Basket Bathroom Accessory Sink Sponge Holder 2 Bags Holes Tap Adjustable Strainer Organizer Storage Rack.   Specifications: Sink sponge holder tap hanging strainer. Made by high grade PVC, easy to use and clean. 2 bags and d..
RS. 190 RS. 330
Ex Tax:RS. 190
Sink Unblock And Drain Cleaning Plunger
-43 %
Model: Drain Cleaning Plunger
Sink Unblock And Drain Cleaning PlungerProduct DescriptionSmall Mini Plunger for Easy StorageErgonomic Shape Handle to Fit in the Palm of Your Hand for Easy PlungingLarge Base to Fit Over Drain HolesYes, it actually works: What makes this different to a traditional plunger is that you are pushing ..
RS. 240 RS. 420
Ex Tax:RS. 240
Zip Sox Warm Pain Reliever
-31 %
Model: Warm Pain Reliever
Zip Sox Warm Pain RelieverProduct Description·         Zip Sox Compression Socks·         Foot Leg Pain Relief Solid Miracle Anti Fatigue Magic Socks·         Knee High Stockin..
RS. 690 RS. 999
Ex Tax:RS. 690
Touchless Soap Dispenser
-25 %
Model: Soap Dispenser
Touchless Soap DispenserProduct DescriptionThis Soap Dispensers touch less featured with smart motion infrared sensor, which provides you with a sanitary, no-touch and easy-to-use experience. Silicon creates a seal preventing messy drips.- Soap dispenser touch less come with waterproof base helps..
RS. 1,690 RS. 2,250
Ex Tax:RS. 1,690
Pest Repelling Aid Riddex
-40 %
Model: Repelling Aid Riddex
Pest Repelling Aid RiddexProduct DescriptionTurn your home's wiring into a pest repellent force field with this Riddex Pest Repelling Aid. All you have to do is plug the Riddex Plus Pest Control in any outlet to keep the area free from spiders, ants, roaches and rodents. Place the plug-in pest r..
RS. 390 RS. 650
Ex Tax:RS. 390
Electric Handheld Manual Mini Sewing Machine
-24 %
Model: Manual Mini Sewing Machine
Electric Handheld Manual Mini Sewing MachineProduct DescriptionThis household mini sewing machine for beginners will meet your daily sewing needs, which has 2 adjustable automatic speeds, with a LED light, thread cutter, automatic winding function. If you are looking for an entry-le..
RS. 2,140 RS. 2,820
Ex Tax:RS. 2,140
Electronic Self Stirring Travel Mug
-19 %
Model: Travel Mug
Electronic Self Stirring Travel MugProduct DescriptionSmart Self Stir Mug Coffee Stir Mug The fastest, easiest way to make a drink. No more stir by opening the lid and letting all the hot air out. No need to reheat and it lasted for hours. Why use Smart Self Stir Mug Smart stirring your..
RS. 690 RS. 850
Ex Tax:RS. 690
Go Duster Motorized Rotating House Cleaner
-29 %
Model: Go Duster House Cleaner
Go Duster Motorized Rotating House CleanerProduct DescriptionIt’s A Handheld Completely Cordless Battery Operated Spinning Duster That Picks up Dust like a Magnet.It Gets Into Hard To Reach Areas Conforms To All Shapes And Sizes And Lets You Dust Without Moving Anything Saving You Time And Making ..
RS. 1,290 RS. 1,820
Ex Tax:RS. 1,290
LED Mirror Glow Light
-13 %
Model: Glow Light
LED Mirror Glow LightProduct Description·         Vanity Mirror Portable Light Bulbs 4LED Studio Glow Make Up Bright Cosmetic The powerful quad light technology which gives you the most natural illumination for perfect makeup application in any room.· ..
RS. 740 RS. 850
Ex Tax:RS. 740
Magic Drawing Pad for Kids
-22 %
Model: Drawing Pad for Kids
Magic Drawing Pad for KidsProduct Description  Press the Button to Make Your Art Glow Super Bright Unique, Crystal Clear Screen – Trace Your Favorite Designs Reusable- Just Wipe Clean and Do It All Over Again Makes Learning Fun Great f..
RS. 1,290 RS. 1,650
Ex Tax:RS. 1,290
Mosquito Killer Lamp
-25 %
Model: Killer Lamp
Mosquito Killer LampProduct DescriptionElectric Fly Bug Zapper Mosquito Insect Killer LED Light Trap Lamp Pest Control-Easily kill mosquitoes: The 365nm bionic violet light wave enhances the attraction of mosquitoes through the human bionics technology, enabling precise mosquito trapping.It has..
RS. 1,240 RS. 1,650
Ex Tax:RS. 1,240
My foldaway Mirror
-31 %
Model: foldaway Mirror
My foldaway MirrorProduct DescriptionDistortion-free, crisp and crystal-clear reflections. Features powerful 10x magnification on one side and true, full-face 1x mirror on the other.   About this item ·         NO DISTORTION: My Fold-Away doe..
RS. 890 RS. 1,299
Ex Tax:RS. 890
6 Ice Lolly Mould
-33 %
Model: 6 Ice Lolly Mould
6 Ice Lolly MouldProduct Description6 Cells Plastic Ice Cream Mold Popsicle Mold Summer DIY Ice Lolly Candy Freezer Ice Maker Kitchen Tools. Feature:These molds are specially designed for freezing juice and other ingredients to get the perfect popsicle. Use juice, puree, yogurt, fruit, puddi..
RS. 280 RS. 420
Ex Tax:RS. 280
Oven Gloves Pair Heat Resistant Silicone
-29 %
Model: Heat Resistant Silicone
Oven Gloves Pair Heat Resistant SiliconeProduct DescriptionTurn your home's wiring into a pest repellent force field with this Riddex Pest Repelling Aid. All you have to do is plug the Riddex Plus Pest Control in any outlet to keep the area free from spiders, ants, roaches and rodents. Place the ..
RS. 890 RS. 1,250
Ex Tax:RS. 890
Oven Gloves Pair
-50 %
Model: Oven Gloves Pair
Oven Gloves PairProduct DescriptionARCLIBER OVEN MITTSHEAT RESISTANTHeat resistant flame retardant coating, which makes it perfect for all cooking uses, Including barbecues and outdoor ovens.EXTREME HEAT RESISTANTThese oven mitts' comfortable contact temperature and Threshold Time in Second425℉..
RS. 240 RS. 480
Ex Tax:RS. 240
Honeycomb Ice tray with Lid
-51 %
Model: Honeycomb Ice tray
Honeycomb Ice tray with LidProduct DescriptionInternational products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labelling or instructions.About this item·     Ideal for cocktails,..
RS. 390 RS. 799
Ex Tax:RS. 390
Phone Screen Enlarger 3D Magnifier
-58 %
Model: Enlarger 3D Magnifier
Phone Screen Enlarger 3D MagnifierProduct DescriptionProduct features:1. 3 times bigger screen but eye protection . 2. Easy to use with loudspeaker box . 3. High quality and Anti-broken. 4. Fashion design, screen size 8.7inch 5. Anti UV, radiation protection 6. Adjustable point of viewProduct ..
RS. 250 RS. 600
Ex Tax:RS. 250
Silicone Pot Holder And Heat Pad
-22 %
Model: Pot Holder
Silicone Pot Holder And Heat PadProduct DescriptionVERSATILE KITCHEN HELPERUnique honeycomb pattern decreases weight, evenly distributes heat to better protect your hands & provide insulation as well as enhances good grip. It should serves as a potholder, trivet, spoon rest, hot pad, jar lid ..
RS. 390 RS. 499
Ex Tax:RS. 390
Silicone Ice Cube Tray
-24 %
Model: Ice Cube Tray
Silicone Ice Cube TrayProduct DescriptionEasy to remove from the tray. Easy to clean and reusable.Long lasting. The non-slip design will sit securely with spilling a drop.Silicone trays not only make ice but try freezing broth, juices, chocolate, sauces, baby food, and much more.A cool gift for ho..
RS. 340 RS. 450
Ex Tax:RS. 340
Silicone Spatula Mat Spatula Placemat
-44 %
Model: Mat Spatula Placemat
Silicone Spatula Mat Spatula PlacematProduct DescriptionSpecifications: Flexible, reusable and multi-functional. Thermal insulation, non-slip waterproof, can be used to eat mat, pot holder, and as the auxiliary tool. Home of the good parts necessary. Type: Spoon Placemat Color: Random Materia..
RS. 140 RS. 250
Ex Tax:RS. 140
Water Filter Purifier Faucet
-36 %
Model: Filter Purifier Faucet
Water Filter Purifier FaucetProduct DescriptionEASY TO INSTALL AT THE MOST TAPS:Activated carbon water filters can be installed only on a circular outlet tap, the outlet can't be installed in the square and other shaped hand mixer.Please install according to home faucet spout shape later.Before y..
RS. 290 RS. 450
Ex Tax:RS. 290
Water Control Tap Faucet Sprayer
-58 %
Model: Water Control Tap
Water Control Tap Faucet SprayerProduct DescriptionMaterial: PlasticAdjustable jet for softer or stronger spray.Removable water restrictor, Spray or stream.Suitable for 17mm diameter round faucets.Water-saving Device for Kitchen Bathroom, Salable and Rotatable.SPACIFICATION:The flexible 360 ° of r..
RS. 190 RS. 450
Ex Tax:RS. 190
Spill Proof Gyro Bowl
-28 %
Model: Gyro Bowl
Spill Proof Gyro BowlProduct DescriptionSpecifications: Material: Plastic Color: Blue / Green / Rose Red Total dimension: 17 x 17cm / 6.7 x 6.7inch Bowl diameter: 10cm / 3.9inch Bowl depth: 7cm / 2.8inch Suitable age: babies over 6 month Features: 100% brand new and high qualit..
RS. 640 RS. 890
Ex Tax:RS. 640
Cabinet Drawer Bend Lock
-35 %
Model: Drawer Bend Lock
Cabinet Drawer Bend LockProduct Description·         Very Simple to Install ·         Super Effective ·         Free Adjustable ·      &nb..
RS. 98 RS. 150
Ex Tax:RS. 98
Baby Fruit Feeding Pacifier
-36 %
Model: Fruit Feeding Pacifier
Baby Fruit Feeding PacifierProduct DescriptionMade from safe and non-toxic, bpa-free food grade polypropylene plastic. Consists of soft silicone sack which can be quickly and easily filled with fruit or whole food. Easy for baby to suck and chew tiny food particles from the mesh. Healthy and con..
RS. 290 RS. 450
Ex Tax:RS. 290
Child Anti Lost Hand Belt
-42 %
Model: Hand Belt
Child Anti Lost Hand BeltProduct DescriptionCOMFORTABLE & SKIN FRIENDLY MATERIALS - Thin sponge pads and High-Grade cotton materials will never mark up your child's arms. You will forget what you're wearing after few minutes because it's super lightweight. CONVENIENT - Suitable for children u..
RS. 490 RS. 850
Ex Tax:RS. 490
Tissue Box with Cosmetics Storage Case And Mobile Holder
-52 %
Model: Tissue Box
Tissue Box with Cosmetics Storage Case And Mobile HolderProduct DescriptionFeatures: 1.Magnetic automatic switch cover, retro TV shape tissue box. 2. Multifunctional storage-mobile phones, cosmetics, jewelry, tissues, etc. 3.Mobile phone slot design, suitable for mobile phones within 16 cm of ..
RS. 960 RS. 1,999
Ex Tax:RS. 960
2 in 1 Egg Beater Food Clip
-38 %
Model: Egg Beater
2 in 1 Egg Beater & Food ClipProduct Description2 in 1 Multi-functional Manual Egg Beater Blender Bread Food Clip Tongs Plastic Eggs Whisker Wisk Machine Hand Mixer Kitchen Tool. SpecificationMaterial: Plastic Color: black, Weight: 65g Type: Egg Beater Size: length 28.5cm,diameter 6cm..
RS. 370 RS. 600
Ex Tax:RS. 370
3 in 1 Kitchen Sink Stand
-31 %
Model: Sink Stand
3 in 1 Kitchen Sink StandProduct DescriptionThe washing up has in no way been so prepared with this fairly revolutionary layout. organize your kitchen sink space with this specific stand material: abs, stand size (lxwxh): 21 x 11.five x 12.5 cm, random (assorted) colors as in line with availabi..
RS. 690 RS. 999
Ex Tax:RS. 690
3 in 1 Roto Peeler Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel
-42 %
Model: Roto Peeler
Roto Peeler Ultra Sharp Stainless SteelProduct Description3 in 1 Roto Peeler is a versatile set of peelers which include one vegetable blade, one julienne blade and one soft fruit blade. It is a complete solution for peeling vegetables and fruits. It has a straight blade which cuts and peel..
RS. 220 RS. 380
Ex Tax:RS. 220
4 Layers Rotatable Jewelry Box Organizer
-38 %
Model: Jewelry Box Organizer
4 Layers Rotatable Jewelry Box OrganizerProduct DescriptionJewelry Storage Box 4-Layer Rotatable Jewelry Accessory Storage Tray with Lid Features: The right size does not occupy the desktop space, but also can become a beautiful decoration. Simple and modern style, 4-layer design, 360 degree free..
RS. 1,150 RS. 1,850
Ex Tax:RS. 1,150
10 Pcs Measuring Cup And Spoon Set
-42 %
Model: Cup And Spoon Set
10 Pcs Measuring Cup And Spoon SetProduct Description10Pcs Black Plastic Measuring Spoons Cups Set Tools Measure For Baking Coffee FeatureFeatureFeatures easy to read measure markings.Spoons nest for easy storage.Perfect for the precise measuring needed when baking.Made of durable, BPA free, plasti..
RS. 280 RS. 480
Ex Tax:RS. 280
12 Pcs Cookie Cutters Set
-50 %
Model: Cookie Cutters Set
12 Pcs Cookie Cutters SetProduct DescriptionSpecifications: Material: Stainless Steel Color: Silver Tone Size(L*W*H): Star Shape1: 77 x 67 x 17mm / 3.03 x 2.64 x 0.67" Star Shape2: 59 x 52 x 17mm / 2.32 x 2.05 x 0.67" Star Shape3: 49 x 43 x 17mm / 19.3 x 1.69 x 0.67" Flower Shape1: 72 x 66 x ..
RS. 300 RS. 600
Ex Tax:RS. 300
Adjustable Kitchen Sink Drain Basket
-46 %
Model: Kitchen Sink Drain Basket
Adjustable Kitchen Sink Drain BasketProduct DescriptionFeatures: Durable and nontoxic The retractable drain basket is made of high quality plastic material, sturdy, durable and non-toxic, safe using. Easy cleaning and draining The retractable drain basket make you clean vegetables and fruit co..
RS. 670 RS. 1,250
Ex Tax:RS. 670
Clever Cook Lemon Squeezer
-58 %
Model: Lemon Squeezer
Clever Cook Lemon SqueezerProduct DescriptionHeavy duty stainless steel, toxic, safe and reliable, can juice small limes, large lemons and even small sized oranges; Size: 20.5x6.5cm/ 8.1x2.6’’; Weight: 5.6oz Cable Vantage Kitchen Stainless Fruit Lemon Orange Citrus Hand Press Squeezer Juicer B..
RS. 255 RS. 600
Ex Tax:RS. 255
Crystal Seasoning Rack Spice Pots 4 Pieces
-53 %
Model: Crystal Seasoning Rack
Crystal Seasoning Rack Spice Pots 4 PiecesProduct DescriptionClear Seasoning Rack Spice Pots by AIQI - 4 Piece Acrylic Seasoning Box - Storage Container Condiment Jars - Cruet with Cover and Spoon Condiment container is designed especially for modern Home Kitchen. The set of spice rack with ..
RS. 850 RS. 1,800
Ex Tax:RS. 850
EVA Drawer Liner Non Slip Mat Cabinet Roll
-46 %
Model: Drawer Liner Non Slip Mat
EVA Drawer Liner Non Slip Mat Cabinet Roll (45 x 150 cm)Product DescriptionMat Cabinet Large 16-inch by 7-Feet non-slip liner protects tools as well as the tool box. Cut to size with scissors. Washable and mildew resistant. Protected with Rustgard rust and corrosion inhibitor. on-slip; ..
RS. 650 RS. 1,200
Ex Tax:RS. 650
Foldable Multifunction Cutting Board
-33 %
Model: Cutting Board
Foldable Multifunction Cutting BoardProduct DescriptionFeatures: Durable material Manufactured by high quality PP, this foldable vegetable basin is very durable and wear-resistant. It is not easy to deform and break. Foldable Space-saving folding design, they do not take up much needed room in..
RS. 840 RS. 1,250
Ex Tax:RS. 840
Food cap Airtight Plate Cover Pack of 3
-40 %
Model: Airtight Plate Cover
Food cap Airtight Plate CoverProduct DescriptionFOODCAP™ is made of food grade material and is-free so your food is far from getting contaminated with chemicals.This is dishwasher friendly too, compatible with plates with raised edges. Features:Food Dish Cover, can be used in microwave,..
RS. 600 RS. 999
Ex Tax:RS. 600
Insulated Foldable Food Covers
-69 %
Model: Foldable Food Covers
Insulated Foldable Food Covers 2 PiecesProduct DescriptionBe creative in how to protect your culinary creation from flying bugs or dust particles... This square umbrella is foldable and it comes with built-in Aluminum foil insulated cover to cover and protect the food completely and keeps it warm..
RS. 440 RS. 1,400
Ex Tax:RS. 440
Lazy Snack Bowl With Mobile Holder
-54 %
Model: Mobile Holder
Lazy Snack Bowl with Mobile HolderProduct DescriptionFeatures: Cute shape Upgraded the double-eared big-mouthed bear shape, and the dimpled smiley face is more cute, satisfying the girls' hearts. Premium material It is made of food grade pp material, perfect size, dishwasher safe, sturdy and ..
RS. 390 RS. 850
Ex Tax:RS. 390
Magic Kitchen Foldable Chef Basket
-20 %
Model: Foldable Chef Basket
Magic Kitchen Foldable Chef BasketProduct Description·         It instant Flexible essential kitchen helper.·         It starts off flat and instantly expands to a flexible basket that let you cook, boil, or deep fry..
RS. 720 RS. 900
Ex Tax:RS. 720
Master Tipples Piping Bags 100 Frosting Bags
-35 %
Model: Piping Bags
Master Tipples Piping Bags 100 Frosting BagsProduct DescriptionTipples Piping Bags Anti-Burst Icing Disposable Decorating Bags for All.·         Tuscom Tipples Piping Bags Anti-Burst Icing Disposable Decorating Bags for All Size Tip·    ..
RS. 390 RS. 600
Ex Tax:RS. 390
Mini Food Chopper
-50 %
Model: Food Chopper
Mini Food ChopperProduct DescriptionMain Features:More Humane Design Of The Vegetable Chopper-- In all the choppers on the market, you need to touch with the blade while cleaning and installing, but in this latest version, we designed a magnet stone on the lid, so that you don’t need to tou..
RS. 495 RS. 999
Ex Tax:RS. 495
Mouse And Rat Glue Trap Board
-53 %
Model: Glue Trap Board
Mouse And Rat Glue Trap BoardProduct DescriptionAdvantages: Easy to use Peanut Butter Scented Glue Board are very easy to use, which contains super strong glue to trap rats, can be used in all seasons. Strong adhesive: Mouse glue is manufactured with special glue, strong and evenly distribute..
RS. 95 RS. 200
Ex Tax:RS. 95
Oil Spray Bottle
-47 %
Model: Oil Spray
Oil Spray BottleProduct DescriptionThis oil spray bottle, which is safe and non-toxic, environmentally friendly and durable. It uses the spray design, which can replace the brush oil used in baking, frying, baking and cooking, and it does not contain any harmful propellants or chemicals. It is sm..
RS. 640 RS. 1,200
Ex Tax:RS. 640
One Hand Pepper And Salt Mill
-53 %
Model: Pepper And Salt Mill
One Hand Pepper And Salt MillProduct DescriptionInformation Now it's time to say bye to the clumsy and traditional grinder. Pepper Mill, a must-have for your modern kitchen, will improve your cooking life. Features Material: stainless steel & acrylic Battery: 4* AA batteries (not include..
RS. 380 RS. 800
Ex Tax:RS. 380
Paper Soap Pack of 3
-40 %
Model: Paper Soap
Paper Soap Pack of 3Product Description3 Boxes Portable Disposable Soap SheetsSpecifications:Product Name: Paper soap leaves soap leaves.Color: Purple, green, blue, orange, pink.Material: Plastic + soapQuantity: 20 pieces per box, total 200 piecesWeight: 170 gBox contents: 10 boxes of soap sheets.Su..
RS. 240 RS. 400
Ex Tax:RS. 240
Pizza Cutter Cake Knife And Server With Acrylic Handle
-31 %
Model: Pizza Cutter
Pizza Cutter Cake Knife and Server with Acrylic Handle (Set of 3)Product DescriptionFeatures: ·         Super blade shape, cut pizza blade with great ease.·         Compact size for practical use. Give you more..
RS. 620 RS. 900
Ex Tax:RS. 620
Plastic Fruit Forks 30 Pcs for Party
-37 %
Model: Fruit Forks
Plastic Fruit Forks 30 Pcs for PartyProduct DescriptionDescription:Features durable plastic construction, multi colors, music notes design, light weight, compact size, etc.Great for party, lunch box, Picnic or home use.Product Name: Fruit Fork; Material: PlasticNet Weight: 84gPackage Content: 30 x ..
RS. 190 RS. 300
Ex Tax:RS. 190
Plastic Measuring Cup Spoon 6 Pcs Set
-47 %
Model: Measuring Cup Spoon
Plastic Measuring Cup Spoon 6 Pcs SetProduct DescriptionWelcome to our store! ·         Material: Plastic·         Size: as picture·         Package Including:6Pcs/Set·&nb..
RS. 240 RS. 450
Ex Tax:RS. 240
Plastic Measuring Spoons 5 Pcs Set
-53 %
Model: Measuring Spoons
Plastic Measuring Spoons 5 Pcs SetProduct DescriptionDesigned for measuring precise ingredients in kitchen. Made of non-toxic plastic, durable and strong. Different measuring teaspoon/tablespoon would meet your different need. Suitable for home kitchen, restaurant, baking lovers, cooks, cooking c..
RS. 190 RS. 400
Ex Tax:RS. 190
Plastic Storage Baskets Stackable Organizer With Partitions
-41 %
Model: Plastic Storage Baskets
Plastic Storage Baskets Stackable Organizer With PartitionsProduct DescriptionKitchen Refrigerator and For Office Durable Storage Organizer Fruit Handled Kitchen Collecting Box Basket Rack Stand Basket Container. These Can be used for kitchen food. Hollow design, ventilation to prevent mildew. Pr..
RS. 650 RS. 1,100
Ex Tax:RS. 650
Pop Funnel Expandable Collapsible With Handle
-52 %
Model: Pop Funnel
Pop Funnel Expandable Collapsible With HandleProduct DescriptionMaterial: silicone; Size: 3.25" (diameter) 3.8" (height); Package included: set of 4; Color: Green, Blue, Red and Purple; Flexible funnel has a foldable feature that makes it convenient to store and use, easy to store. Set of 4 Sili..
RS. 360 RS. 750
Ex Tax:RS. 360
Retractable Hidden Waste Bin Under Table
-33 %
Model: Waste Bin
Retractable Hidden Waste Bin Under TableProduct DescriptionFeatures: 1. Suitable Occasions: The drawer-type trash can under the desk is suitable for homes, offices, dining tables, living rooms, etc. ..
RS. 1,200 RS. 1,800
Ex Tax:RS. 1,200
Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted Spoon
-44 %
Model: Scoop Colander Strainer
Scoop Colander Strainer Slotted SpoonProduct Description1PC Kitchen Strainer Spoon - Food Colander Strainer Spoon - Kitchen Scoop Strainer Colander Drain Veggies Water Perfect for Pasta Vegetables Fried Foods More Color Random Description: 100% brand new and high quality. Plastic material, he..
RS. 280 RS. 500
Ex Tax:RS. 280
Utensil Stainless Steel BBQ Tong
-40 %
Model: BBQ Tong
Utensil Stainless Steel BBQ TongProduct Description Material: Stainless steelSize:5/7/9/12 inchColor: Sliver ColorPackage included:  BBQ Made of stainless steel Kitchen Tong, Hollow out design for liquid filtrationEasy storage. Heat resistant high quality kitchen toolsEasy to clean, d..
RS. 360 RS. 600
Ex Tax:RS. 360
Fridge Partition Storage Tray
-52 %
Model: Fridge Partition Storage Tray
  Product description   Feature: 100% brand new and high quality. Product: Storage rack Color: Pink, Beige, Blue, White Size: 20.5 x 16.4 x 7.6cm Material: Plastic Use for: Refrigerator The distance between the pull rod is about 1.2cm Efficient use of the r..
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Ex Tax:RS. 270
Silicone Egg Poachers 4 Pack
-44 %
Model: Egg Poachers
Silicone Egg Poachers 4 PackProduct DescriptionMain Features:Material: BPA free, food grade silicone. Eco-friendly and non-toxic, so you can safely enjoy your poached eggs. Temperature tolerance: -76 ℉ to 464 ℉ (-60 ℃ to + 240 ℃).Perfect Design: Every set of our poached eggs cups has ..
RS. 560 RS. 999
Ex Tax:RS. 560
Silicone Noodle And Pasta Spoon
-40 %
Model: Pasta Spoon
Silicone Noodle And Pasta SpoonProduct DescriptionDescription: Made of food grade silicone, the pasta spoon is non-toxic, environmental friendly and safe to use. With the anti-skid handle, the vermicelli scoop is convenient and comfortable to grip. The silicone product is multi-functional which..
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Silicone Spatula And Brush Set with Plastic Handle Set of 2 Small
-40 %
Model: Silicone Spatula And Brush
Silicone Spatula And Brush Set with Plastic Handle Set of 2 SmallProduct Description This Farberware Professional Silicone Spatula set makes a solid addition to a collection of kitchenware..
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